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Below are testimonies for those with IPP. Read first hand accounts of what it is truly like to have this sentence and how it affects, not just those who have it but their loved ones too!

Jason Thorne

Jason Thorne was sentenced to a 17 month tariff and IPP in 2006. He completed all the courses that he was assigned to do and in 2015 was sent to open conditions for, what he thought, his progression to release. In 2016 Jason seen an old friend, Jessica, and was working in The Clink restaurant in Cardiff. Unbeknown to Jason, Jessica was going through some hard times and found himself dragged into a situation, through no fault of his own, that neither of them had any control over. Malicious and false accusations were made about Jason which seen him taken back into closed conditions where he still remains.

Despite investigations proving that the allegations were false Jason still remains in closed conditions and left in 'limbo'. Where are the safeguarding measures for these prisoners who, quite clearly, are in a vulnerable predicament with nowhere to turn if they are being harassed? What is the point of Open Prisons when they are exposing their prisoners to the possibility of being targeted? Open Prisons are there to help prisoners resettle but how can they when they are still being treated as if they are in closed conditions. There needs to be radical changes throughout the Prison Systems so that prisoners can SUCCESFULLY progress through them with the right support and back-up otherwise Open Prisons are a pointless, failing in their duties to resettle people.

 Jason and Jessica have since struck up a relationship but the question in this case is whether Jason is the only person to have been 'recalled' due to lies and malicious people under the IPP sentence? How can the justice system justify keeping someone locked up because of lies? Surely those that are maliciously abusing the IPP sentence to their own personal gain should face some sort of punishment themselves? This is nothing more than BULLYING and we have to ask ourselves if bullying is ok just because someone has been in prison or if all bullies should have to answer to their own 'crimes' regardless of the person they are bullying.

Jessica is campaigning to have the IPP removed from those who still carry it and is fighting to have Jason released.

Shaun Lloyd

Shaun was sentenced in January 2006 to a 2 and a half year tariff with IPP. He was sent to open conditions in 2012 but was threatened with a 'recall' back to closed conditions. Shaun started to panic as the sentence of IPP weighed heavily on him as the uncertainty of being released started causing him anxiety. Due to this, Shaun absconded from open conditions out of fear of being sent back into a closed prison but 6 weeks later handed himself in. He was taken back into closed conditions but at his parole in 2014 Shaun was released.

In 2015 Shaun got married to Donna and they had a baby boy. It appeared that Shaun was one of the success stories of being an IPP but sadly this wasn't to be. Shaun opened up to his mother, Shirley, and admitted that because of his ordeal whilst in prison and the burden that the IPP sentence still carried, he was recovering from a drug addiction which started in prison once his minimum tariff had passed. The IPP hanging around his neck like a lead weight had only become heavier to carry and he was engaging with rehabilitation. One day Shaun had two appointments that clashed and as one was with the Rehabilitation Centre he tried to change the appointments to no avail which subsequently led to Shaun missing this appointment. Shaun was removed from the list and the medication that they were providing stopped. This led to Shaun becoming desperate and resorted to finding the medication from the streets.

In 2016, Shaun and his mother turned to probation for help to reengage with rehab once more but the help Shaun received was in the form of a recall back into custody where he still remains today!

How many others have been recalled when asking for help? By doing this, the IPP prisoners are learning not to turn to those that they are told to for help for fear of ending back in prison even though no crime has been committed. IPP's are taught to be open and honest otherwise they will never be released as it is seen that there is a 'breach of trust' yet authorities are showing that the IPP's cannot trust them for help. Double standards cannot be justified and shows how precarious any life situation, which can affect anyone, actually is for those under the IPP sentence.

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