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Prisoners Voice is dedicated to giving all prisoners a chance to be heard NOT silenced!

IPP Prisoners FORCED into silence.
All IPP prisoners are afraid to speak up about what they are forced to endure for fear of never being released. Without a set release date, IPP prisoners are forced to conform and take whatever is imposed upon them by staff and fellow inmates in order to show that they are suitable for release. This sentence makes them vulnerable to abuse and mental torment knowing that they cannot retaliate or speak out in case they are  perceived as still posing a risk therefore, they will not be considered for release at a parole hearing.                             

Prisoners Voice

This site is primarily aimed at giving prisoners a platform to which they can have their voice heard. Too many prisoners are forced into silence, especially those serving an IPP sentence. It is time to let them have their voice heard and for them to know that they are not alone! We aim to give information, advice, guidance and much more.


We have done a number of protests outside Parliament and local prisons. See when our next one is planned by clicking below.


Indeterminate Public Protection sentencing and what it means to have this 'label'.

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Prisoners Voice

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